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VISA Detail

India Visa

Travisa India Outsourcing - Visa Section
Different application ID every time
Fill-out online application then print out

Original passport
2 passport photos
Proof of address & copy (ID / major utility bill)
Green card / US visa & copy
Under 18 – Copy of birth certificate (Eng) & parents’ passport

US passport
Stay 6 months per visit
Valid 6 months multiple entry - $155
Valid 5 yrs / 10 yrs multiple entry - $245
Process time – 7-9 working days

China  / HKSAR passport
Stay 6 months – Begin on the day of issued
Valid 6 months multiple entry - $135
(*indicate more than 1 entry on itinerary)
Process time – at least 1 to 2 weeks

Re-enter permit require for 2nd visit within 2 months

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