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柬埔寨(吳哥窟、乘竹火車、乘包船遊涸裹蕯湖) / 東莞、佛山、南海 12天團
Cambodia (Angkor Wat, Bamboo Train, Take a Boat Tour in the Cave of Lake Biwa) / Dongguan, Foshan, Nanhai 12 Days Tour


Adult: $2,499.00        Child:$2.299.00       Single Room:$550.00


Tour fees included: 
1.   Round-trip international air tickets, Hong Kong International Airport round-trip Shenzhen ferry tickets       
      (if stay behind Hong Kong one-way bus to Hong Kong)
2.   Cambodia entry visa (registration before June 30)
3.   Travel Insurance (full coverage)
4.   Escort from San Francisco
5.   The whole trip based on four or five stars (the best local best hotel)

Tour Fees not Included:
1.    China Visa
2.    Tips for whole trip ($ 110 for tour guide & driver)
3.    After the tour stay behind in Hong Kong additional $100
      (Friday,Saturday,Sunday additional another $ 50 more)


11/09   San Francisco flying to Hong Kong

11/10   Passing Day Line

11/11   Hong Kong International Airport  Phnom Penh – Tazai Mountain (bird's eye view of Phnom Penh City) – [National Museum of Cambodia] –[Bobo Sin Museum] - "Bobo Museum": In 1975, the predecessor was originally a middle school. After being occupied by the Red Army, it was replaced by a S-21 prison dedicated to political prisoners. More than 17,000 Cambodians (including dissidents) And intellectuals, children, foreigners accused of being spies, Vietcong, etc.)

11/12   City of Phnom Penh – Khmer Kingdom [Grand Palace] The place where the King of Cambodia stayed and engaged in royal activities, the glory of the interior – the glory of the golden wall [Golden Silver Pavilion] This temple consists of more than 5,000 pieces of silver tiles, modeled after the Angkor dynasty Built in the temple – downtown Siem Reap

11/13    The reputation of the Angkor art diamond [Banteay Srei] - the transformation tower - the sword tower - the Nirvana Palace - the name "Beng Mealea" means "the lotus pond", it has some sculptures that reflect Buddhism Theme of

11/14    World Cultural Heritage [Angkor Wat]: Big Angkor City [Angkor Ancient City] Visit Namdaemun, Bayu Temple (Khmer Smile), Dou Elephant Terrace, 12 Zodiac Tower, Ancient Palace Site, Ancient Court – Ta Prohm Temple (The film "The Tomb Raider" is photographed, the image of the giant tree and the temple is closely intertwined) - The world's seven architectural wonders [Little Angkor Wat] - [Angkor Wat sunset] - [National Dance Performance]

11/15    Siem Reap Downtown – Battambang (Golden Granary) in Battambang Province – Visit the city [French Buildings, Black Sticks, Blue Train Bridge] (Looking at the photo) – Take the famous bamboo train, the unique bamboo of Battambang Train - Treasure Mountain [Shun Bao Shan PhnomSampeau] - Killing Cave Killing Cave - Pagasl - Sumbo Temple - Bat Cave (watching millions of bats out of the cave in the evening)

11/16     Battambang City – Kankandal – Siem Reap – “Tonle Sap Lake” (the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, Tonle Sap is the life source of Cambodia and important for Cambodians) Source of catch) – Floating Village [TonleSapLake] – Siem Reap Market (a large traditional market with a long history) – Bar Street

11/17     Siem Reap  Hong Kong International Airport By boat to Shenzhen dinner (Shunde porridge hot pot) – take bus tour to Dongguan directly – check into the hotel

11/18     After breakfast – Chinese Operator Art Center – – [Lychee Bay Chung] to enjoy the West Gate House, the place of Guangfu culture and style – lunch and taste of Guangfu [Nostalgic Dim Sum] – [Lingnan Wine Culture Museum] Understand the old Chinese name “Shiwan Jade” Ice-burning traditional winemaking process. Closed and closed to lead Xintiandi) – City Living Room [Wenhua Park] The world's first huge 6D ink painting – dinner tasting [selling fish strong kungfu boneless fish] – staying at the hotel

11/19    After breakfast – [Guoyi Film and Television City] Ming and Qing Dynasties Palace and ancient buildings take you back a hundred years ago, the nostalgic Guangzhou Street, Hong Kong Street, Shanghai Street restore the history of the old era and the city style, Jiangnan Water Town and Qingming Shanghe Map Traditional delicate and elegant – lunch taste [the best black truffle rare mushroom Buddha jumping wall banquet] – [Nanhai Museum] – Lingnan First Park [Shunde Heyuan] show Lingnan garden art, inherit the excellent culture of Guangfu) – dinner tasting [authentic Chencun Pink banquet – stay at the hotel

11/20    After breakfast – Nanyue Ancient Rhyme [Panyu Shawan Ancient Town] Lingnan Cultural Ancient Town with more than 800 years of history, rich in historical and cultural resources, folk art and good reputation in the South – each person gives a bowl of traditional snacks (Ginger Milk or Double Skin Milk) – Lunch Tasting [Signature Crispy Bridal Chicken Feast] – Return to Shekou Ferry Terminal (flying back to the United States at Hong Kong International Airport) or stay behind in Hong Kong (Add $100 for stop)

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